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City of Holiday Island Creates Ad Hoc Committee to Study Advertising and Promotional Tax (A&P)

Holiday Island, Arkansas – March 12, 2024

The City of Holiday Island is embarking on an initiative to revitalize tourism and economic growth through the establishment of an Ad Hoc Committee to Study Advertising and Promotional (A&P) Tax. Holiday Island's past was founded with a significant advertising budget, attracting visitors and fostering a vibrant local economy. However, over the years, the level of advertising investment has dwindled. Now, there's a collective drive to recapture that excitement and usher in a new era of prosperity. The proposed A&P tax aims to leverage tourism as a catalyst for growth, with most residents having initially experienced Holiday Island as visitors. By stimulating tourism, we anticipate an increase in visitors, which in turn can lead to greater residential growth, thereby bolstering property values and sustaining our community's appeal. It's important to note that A&P funds are derived mostly from tourists rather than local residents, ensuring that the burden of taxation remains minimal for the residents of Holiday Island. The funds will be directly allocated to the proposed A&P Commission, tasked with promoting Holiday Island and its surrounding attractions to prospective visitors.

According to Arkansas law, revenues generated from the A&P tax can be allocated towards a wide range of tourism-related activities. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Marketing and Advertising: Funds can be utilized to develop comprehensive marketing campaigns aimed at increasing awareness of Holiday Island's outdoor recreational offerings across regional and national markets.

  • Event Sponsorship and Promotion: The commission can provide financial support for events, festivals, and activities that showcase Holiday Island's natural beauty and outdoor amenities, thereby stimulating local businesses and fostering community engagement.

  • Infrastructure and Facilities Enhancement: Investments can be made towards the improvement of public amenities, recreational facilities, and infrastructure projects that enhance the overall visitor experience and access to outdoor recreation.

  • Visitor Services and Hospitality: Resources can be allocated to the development of visitor information centers, hospitality training programs, and other initiatives that enhance the quality of service provided to guests exploring Holiday Island's outdoor wonders.

Consider the A&P tax as a small investment in our community's future. When we venture to nearby cities like Rogers, Eureka Springs, or Bentonville, we routinely pay A&P taxes without a second thought. These funds contribute to vibrant tourism industries that attract visitors from far and wide. Why not extend this model to our own lakeside paradise?

A public forum will be held on March 16 at 3 pm at City Hall, allowing residents to learn more about the proposed A&P tax and provide valuable input. This timing is deliberate, ensuring accessibility to all interested parties without conflicting with work hours or dinner plans.

Let's join together to reignite the spirit of Holiday Island, embracing our past successes while charting a course for a prosperous future. Together, we can leverage the power of tourism to fuel economic growth, support local businesses, and ensure that Holiday Island remains a premier destination for generations to come.



City of Holiday Island 

5 Forest Park Drive, Units F & G 

PO Box 3099 Holiday Island, AR 72631 

Phone: 479-379-8040 

Website: [City of Holiday Island] (

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