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Garbage (City)

By law, the city is responsible for assuring a system for solid waste management and compliance with all State and Federal environmental regulations relative to disposal. In order to assure that all solid waste is disposed of in compliance with these regulations, as of 4-19-2022, the Carroll County Solid Waste District (CCSW) has been designated by the City as the sole authorized trash disposal service in the city. Contracting for trash pick-up is mandatory for all residences and businesses with a water meter in service. CCSW offers a variety of options for service depending on your particular situation. This includes special rates for low volume generators, bag tag service for part time residents, and dumpster service for businesses that streamline trash from several locations into one dumpster. For the elderly and disabled who may not be able to get their trash to the road, you can arrange for CCSW to come up to your garage to get your trash. Free recycle is also available for all customers. Ordinance 2022-004 contains the full scope of trash collection requirements including the penalties for noncompliance. You can contact CCSW to select your level of service at 870-423-7156 or visit their website at
A dumpster for the bag tag customers (and bag tag customers only) will be located on Woodsdale Drive across from the HISID and City offices. Call 479-379-8041 for tags or questions.

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Garbage (City): Service
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