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City Public Hearings Scheduled


LINK to Planning Commission MEETINGS webpage for Agenda and Documents

----  PUBLIC HEARING - City Planning Commission -----

APRIL 9, 2024    6:00pm

CITY HALL, 5 Forest Park Drive, Suite G, Holiday Island



CUASTR240215-01, filed by Kristy Doucet for property at

80 Beaver Drive (UBL 1C-G-43).

CUASTR240215-02, filed by Levi & Courtney Liester for property at

91 Woodsdale Drive (UBL 10-17-3).

CUASTR240216-01, filed by Duane & Vicki Patton for property at

41 Oak Point Drive (UBL 1C-1-9).

CUASTR240219-01, filed by Donald Kalp for property at

250 Holiday Island Drive (UBL 6-6-20).

CUASTR240220-01, filed by Rebecca Stein & Donald Kalp for property at

96 Holiday Island Drive (UBL 8-7-2).

CUASTR240220-02, filed by Bradlee Allphin for property at

49 Lakeside Drive (UBL 106-1-20).

CUASTR240222-01, filed by Kelsey Aspen Vaught for property at

49 Oak Point Drive (UBL 1C-12-5).

CUASTR240223-01, filed by Trinity & Brian Smith for property at

7 D Green Meadow Lane (UBL 10-16-5).

CUASTR240301-01, filed by Bobby & Brandie Waldschmidt for property at

87 Woodsdale Drive (UBL 10-17-5).

CUASTR240308-01, filed by Roberta Cross for property at

155 Holiday Island Drive (UBL 11-11-11).

CUASTR240310-01, filed by Andy & Melisa Howard for property at

45 Blue Water Drive #2 (UBL 10-11-26).



CUA240311-01, filed by Kim Thornberry for property at

26 Rocky Top Circle to be only fenced and used for

owner’s service dog off-leash run.


Public Hearings Scheduled: Products


- - - - - - - - -   PURPOSE   - - - - - - - - -

Arkansas statutes require the City Council/Planning Commission/Board of Zoning Adjustment to hear comments during a Public Hearing before certain actions are taken.  The Public Hearings are held for one purpose, to hear comments regarding specific Agenda topic(s) being considered by the City of Holiday Island, Arkansas.

- - - - - - - - -   HOW THE HEARING WILL BE CONDUCTED   - - - - - - - - -

Public Hearings must be conducted in a fair, orderly manner so as to allow citizen opinion to be expressed directly to the Council/Commission/ Board considering decisions.

Individuals wishing to speak, shall approach the podium, state their full name and address, and make their comments.  Each speaker will have three (3) minutes to make their comments.

If multiple individuals have made similar comments on the same item, then the Chairman may limit further similar repeating comments.

Individuals who submit documents at the Hearing shall identify each document. Each document submitted shall be made a part of the official record of the Hearing.

Documents submitted prior to the Public Hearing will be provided to the Council Members/Commissioners/Board Members and be made part of the official record of the Hearing.  Reading documents into the record are subject to the three (3) minute time limit.

After all comments have been made, the Chairman will CLOSE THE HEARING session.  Once the Public Hearing session is closed, further public comment on this topic will not be entertained.  

If a Council/Commission/Board meets immediately after closing the Public Hearing to deliberate on the hearing comments and to consider further action on this topic, no public comments will be accepted on this topic during that meeting.  Council Members/Commissioners/Board Members may discuss an item and ask questions of the presenters from the Public Hearing.

Public Hearings Scheduled: Text
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