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City of Holiday Island

“Welcome to Holiday Island, Arkansas’s Newest City”

Holiday Island had its origins as a development on beautiful Table Rock Lake. In 1970, the Holiday Island Suburban Improvement District (HISID) was formed by order of the Carroll County Court. The Holly Corporation and McCulloch Corporation were then the owners and developers of Holiday Island. The stated purpose for the HISID’s formation was to provide water, sewer, waste management, and fire services to Holiday Island property owners, and to maintain roads and recreational facilities in Holiday Island. In 1990, Tom Dees purchased the developer assets and was instrumental in building major additions like The Park commercial district and The Bluffs subdivision. HISID operates under Title 14, Subtitle 5, Chapter 92 of the Arkansas Code (“Suburban Improvement Districts”).
Over the years several attempts were made to incorporate Holiday Island as a city and on December 3rd, 2020, the Carroll County Court again signed an order establishing our incorporation after a vote on the issue in the November election.
Today the City and District share in the responsibility for providing services to the community. This website will give you basic information on the role of the city, contact information and important reports and public documents. There is also a link to the HISID website (below), which provides a trove of information relative to essential services, recreational opportunities and community events. We encourage you to take a look at both sites and familiarize yourself with our wonderful community.

History of the City: About
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