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FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)

City of Holiday Island

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Policy

The City of Holiday Island is committed to following the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and making it as easy as possible for our citizens to access information about our government operations and actions.  An informed and engaged public improves the quality of our decisions.

Our goal is to provide as many of our documents as possible to the public via our website, as well as our meeting recordings via our YouTube channel, “City of Holiday Island Meetings”.  The public documents available on the city’s website,, include City Forms, Policies, Meeting Agendas, Meeting Minutes, Financial Reports, Resolutions, Ordinances, and Municipal Code.

In accordance with the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act, all of our public documents are open to inspection and copying by any citizen of the State of Arkansas within 3 business days.  If you are unable to find a document on our website, you may fill out our FOIA Request Form, available via a link below, and email it to  The Request should be sufficiently specific to enable us to locate the records with reasonable effort.  The Requester may also set up an appointment with the Recorder/Treasurer to examine records and/or request copies of any documents that are available in the City Hall offices, at 5 Forest Park Dr., Units F&G, Holiday Island, AR.  We are also able to email copies of documents up to the size limits of our email service, or copy documents to a new USB thumb drive, which you can pick up at the office by appointment with the Recorder/Treasurer.  A fee may be assessed to cover the actual costs of reproduction, in which case the Requestor will be informed of such fee, if specified in the Request, prior to the city making the copies available.  It is our policy to provide all documents requested as soon as possible in accordance with the Arkansas FOIA. 

Any citizen making a request for documents will need to provide an email or phone number (both if available) so that we may contact you to best assist in obtaining the public documents you want and provide them to you as soon as possible.

The Request Form is NOT required for current items of business scheduled for public hearings or meetings by any city commission, board, committee, or council. Those files are available on the city’s website (normally) or by contacting the Mayor or Recorder/Treasurer.

City of Holiday Island

Fee Agreement

In order to offset the actual costs of reproduction of public documents in response to a FOIA Request to the city, the Requester may be subject to a fee that covers the cost of paper, ink, and devices used in the reproduction activities.  Such costs will only include those costs allowable by the Freedom of Information Act and will be disclosed to the Requester in an itemized breakdown prior to the reproduction effort if the cost is expected to exceed the amount noted by the Requester in their specific Request.  If the cost is greater than $25, the fee must be paid in advance.  There will be no charge if the documents can be emailed to the Requester.  If a charge for a FOIA request is not paid, further FOIA Requests from the Requester will not be completed until the previous FOIA Request charge has been paid.

Fee Schedule:

  • Copying per B/W Sheet: $0.05

  • Copying per Color Sheet:$0.23

  • USB Thumb Drive:$10.00

  • The actual cost of mailing the copies, if U.S. Mail service has been requested.

  • If the cost is determined to be less than $1, no charge will be assessed.

Download or print a copy of this Policy by clicking on this link:  DOWNLOAD NOW

The Arkansas Attorney General's Office, along with the Arkansas Press Association, has generated a handbook on the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act.

You may contact the attorney general's office at the FOIA hotline, 800-482-8982, to request a copy of the handbook or with any FOIA questions. A link to the latest edition of the handbook is available below.  You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

FOIA: About
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