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Holiday Island City Planning Commission Services

Services and Responsibilities of the City Planning Commission

City Planning Commission adopts and recommends Planning and Zoning Regulations to the City Council for adopting by Ordinance.

HICPC Officers for balance of 2023 (until elections in 2024):

Chairman:  Don Howes      (term expires 09-30-2026)

                          Phone:  479-430-3959

Vice Chair:  Doug Smith      (term expires 09-30-2026)

                        Phone:  918-931-7717

Secretary:  Lynn Dumas      (representing the City Council until term expires)

                        Phone:  712-204-9992

Commissioner:  Suzanne Childers      (term expires 09-30-2024)

                      Phone:  210-289-0137

Commissioner:  Randy Rahlf      (term expires 09-30-2025)

                            Phone:  720-666-0623

     The City of Holiday Island chose to engage in Planning and Zoning, granted by Arkansas statutes, having the authority to plan and enforce development regulations within the Holiday Island planning area.  One of the first things the City Planning Commission has done was to establish a Planning Area map.  The Planning Area is the region for which the Planning Commission will prepare plans, ordinances, and regulations, that will need approval by the City Council.  Holiday Island’s territorial jurisdiction boundaries could extend up to one mile beyond the corporate limits (except where another municipal boundary is less than two miles away), but only has zoning authority inside the municipal limits.


     Following the adoption of the Planning Area map, the Land Use Plan and the Road & Street Map were adopted.  The map illustrates the current roads and streets within Holiday Island and various features.  


     The next step in planning was to establish land use Zoning Regulations that the City will use to determine how new construction and development, both residential and commercial, fits within Holiday Island.


     The Planning Commission conducts public hearings for Conditional Use Permits, Rezoning Applications and Incidental Subdivision Applications.  Links to those Application forms are on the Planning Commission/Documents & Forms webpage.

CPC Services: Services
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