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Holiday Island City Planning Commission Services

Services and Responsibilities of the City Planning Commission

City Planning Commission adopts and recommends regulations to the City Council for adopting by Ordinance

     It is important to remember that the authority to plan and enforce development regulations within the planning area applies to Holiday Island when it chooses to engage in planning.  One of the first things the City Planning Commission has done was to establish a Planning Area map.  The Planning Area is the region for which the commission will prepare plans, ordinances, and regulations, that will need approval by the City Council.  Holiday Island’s territorial jurisdiction boundaries could extend up to one mile beyond the corporate limits (except where another municipal boundary is less than two miles away), but only has zoning authority inside corporate limits.


     Following the adoption of the Planning Area map, the Land Use Plan and the Road & Street Map were adopted.  The map illustrates the current roads and streets within Holiday Island and various features.  


     The next step in planning is to establish land use Zoning Regulations that the City will use to determine how new construction, both residential and commercial, fits within Holiday Island.

HICPC Commissioners for 2023/2024:

    Dan Kees, Chairman

    Jerry Pittman, Vice Chair

    Lynn Dumas, Secretary

    Pat Elwood, Commissioner

    Linda Graves, Commissioner

    Barb Kuhn, Commissioner

    Ken Mills, Commissioner

The Commissioners will make plans for the coordinated, adjusted, and harmonious development of Holiday Island and its environs.

Approved September 21, 2021

Designates the area within the City’s territorial jurisdiction for which the City Planning Commission will make studies,  prepare plans, recommended ordinances, and regulations.

Approved October 19, 2021

The map illustrates the current roads and streets within Holiday Island and various features.  Versions highlighting the features can be seen on the links found on the CPC Documents page.

Approved October 19, 2021

The City of Holiday Island adopts, on an interim basis, the zoning restrictions found in the Unit Declarations of Reservations for all Units in Holiday Island.

Approved October 4, 2022

This Ordinance constitutes the planning and zoning regulations of the City of Holiday Island, Carroll County, Arkansas (“City”). It may be cited as the "zoning ordinance" or the "zoning code," and consists of the text, as well the zoning district boundary map, entitled "City of Holiday Island, Arkansas Zoning Map" (Official Zoning Map) and the “City of Holiday Island UBL (UNIT-BLOCK-LOT) Zoning Map Table” (Official Zoning Map Table).

Approved February 21, 2023

Major revisions adding that a single-family residence can optionally be constructed on two adjoining lots that share the same street frontage, with the principal building occupying one lot and one detached accessory structure on the adjoining lot. In all these cases a conditional use permit is required. All lots shall be considered developed (improved).

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