Welcome to the City of Holiday Island

Building Permits, Planning and Zoning

The City of Holiday Island now has a Building Code and is responsible for issuing building permits. The Building Code and applications for a permit can be found on this website, under Building & Code Enforcement/Building Code Enforcement (here). It is important for everyone to check whether or not a permit is required prior to the start of any project. The City has also passed an initial reading of the Residential Zoning Ordinance. The ordinance being considered is also available for viewing on the website, under Governance/Pending Ordinances (here). This document is important relative to land use for any new construction. Property owners, contractors and potential developers need to be familiar with these ordinances. Two more readings of the ordinance will be required before it goes into effect.

Health and Sanitation

The City of Holiday Island also has an ordinance in final draft stage regulating trash collection, illegal dumping and burning, and overall maintenance of property and buildings. It is anticipated that this ordinance will be presented for a first reading for passage at the March City Council meeting. Once in place the City will employ a Code Enforcement Officer who will begin doing inspections and working with the residents and property owners to address violations. Compliance will be mandatory. As soon as the final draft is through a legal review, it will be posted on the city website for review prior to adoption by the City Council.

These ordinances impact virtually every resident and property owner in Holiday Island. It took hundreds of hours of research and preparation time and they were discussed openly in several public workshops and Council meetings. We encourage everyone to get involved and be aware of what is being undertaken. Code enforcement is necessary to ensure the health and safety of our residents, to help maintain value for our property owners, and to promote the orderly growth of our community.


                                          Holiday Island's           Upgrade to a                  City of the Second Class became official             March 23, 2021.

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