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Welcome to City of Holiday Island’s website.  Our goal for this website is to provide the citizens of Holiday Island with information related to our new city's government operations.  Official documents and meeting minutes will be published on this site.  The horizontal menu across the top of each page will provide navigation to all resources available for printing or download.

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT on Transition of Responsibility for Planning, Zoning, and Building Permits

Effective 1-1-2022, the responsibility for planning, zoning and issuance of building permits will transition from the Planning Commission, a 501c3 corporation whose members were appointed by the Holiday Island Developer referred to as the “Declarant” in the unit Declarations of Reservations, to the City of Holiday Island. The former planning commission will be dissolved. The Planning Commission as we have known it was staffed over the years by volunteers and we all owe them a great deal of gratitude for their service to the community.

Under the city organization, the responsibilities for planning, zoning, issuance of building permits and the follow up inspections will be divided between two different functions. The new planning commission, known as the Holiday Island City Planning Commission or HICPC will be responsible for developing master planning documents for the city including a planning area map, a master street map, a land use plan and developing ordinances to execute the plan. The HICPC will be responsible for zoning and will review all requests for zoning variances that come up in conjunction with applications for building permits. The HICPC meets monthly at a time and location posted on the city website at www.cityofholidayisland.com.

The city passed Ordinance 2021-017 establishing a building code for the city which is posted on the city website. Issuance of building permits will be done by the city Building Inspector or acting Building Inspector as appointed by the mayor. The city website has also been updated to include the building permit application forms, contact information and regular office hours. In the meantime, if you have questions, you can call 479 379 8041 or email mayor@cityofholidayisland.com.

It is important that anyone planning on doing any type of construction from a simple remodel or deck extension to new construction of a residence or accessory building be familiar with the building code since any work started without a permit after the ordinance goes into effect will not be grandfathered and will be subject to any remedies indicated in the code.

Finally, the city passed Ordinance 2021-013 adopting on a temporary basis the zoning requirements in the Unit Declarations of Reservations. Over time additional ordinances will be considered to incorporate additional, but not all, of the restrictions defined in the declarations (covenants). The city will also be following up on any notices of covenant violations that remained unresolved at the time of this transition. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we complete this transition over the next couple of months.

Any contractor intending to conduct business in Holiday Island must have a copy of their license on file with the city.

Dan Kees – Mayor                                                        Mickey Finefield –Outgoing Planning Commission Chair

Click HERE for the Announcement Word Document


                                          Holiday Island's           Upgrade to a                  City of the Second Class became official             March 23, 2021.

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