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Welcome to the City's new Code Enforcement Officer and Building Inspector

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

I am pleased to announce that Aaron Hoyt has been hired as the City of Holiday Island Code Enforcement Officer. Aaron will be working with area code enforcement officers to set up procedures and acquire the necessary forms required to execute this function. The 1st priority for the city relative to code enforcement will be implementation of the trash ordinance. After that we will start to address dilapidated and distressed properties that are having a negative impact on safety, security, quality of life and property values. We welcome Aaron and the opportunity for the city to start providing this much needed service.

I am also pleased to announce that David Dobrin has been hired as the City of Holiday Island Building Inspector. The primary responsibility for the Building Inspector will be to review construction documentation and issue building permits as well as doing the required inspections during the construction process. David will also find himself fielding a lot of calls from far away people who have either purchased a lot in Holiday Island or are considering it and want to know about the building restrictions. The city has been issuing building permits since the 1st of the year; however, we were not in a position to do the inspections up until now. We now have that capability. We welcome David and his years of construction experience. When planning a construction project, whether it be new construction, remodeling, additions, patios, fences, or the like please contact the building inspector before starting to see if a permit is required.

Contact information for the Code Enforcement Officer (click here) and the Building Inspector (click here) can be found on the city website.

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