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Business Licensing

Ordinance 2023-020, establishing the requirement for a business license to operate a business in the City of Holiday Island, was adopted on February 20, 2024.  To view, download, or print the full text of this ordinance  CLICK HERE

See Section 1.01 Applicability in the Ordinance for specifics on who is required to have a business license.

On this page you will find not only a link to download or print the application form itself, but also the steps required to acquire the business license, and a listing of all the business licenses the City has issued to date,

NOTE: Businesses in existence at the time this Ordinance was adopted (2-20-2024) will have a 4 month grace period to obtain their license without penalty.

Business License Application steps:

  1. CLICK HERE to download and print a copy of the Application; alternatively you may pick up a copy of the form at the City Office.

  2. Contact the Holiday Island Fire Department at 479-253-8397 to schedule an inspection of your business location, or obtain a waiver if no inspection is required.

  3. Bring the completed and signed off inspection report (or waiver) along with your completed license application to the City Office.

  4. Pay the designated fee (found in the Ordinance) and receive your license.

List of Business Licenses Issued

Business Licensing: Services
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