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Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Its time to start thinking about municipal elections.

Municipal elections in Arkansas are nonpartisan so there are no primaries. As such, there may be a tendency to not think about running for a municipal office until it’s too late. This November, the City of Holiday Island will be electing a Mayor, a Recorder-Treasurer, and six (6) Council Members. The Mayor and Recorder-Treasurer will be running for a four-year term. The Council Positions are for two-year terms.

This year we will be electing two Council Members for each of the three wards. The ward map is posted on the city website under Governance (click this link). You must live in the ward that you wish to represent. This letter is not intended to be complete or official information as to the election process and should not be taken as such. For official information you should contact the County Clerk’s office or the City Recorder-Treasurer. However, I wanted to make sure that everyone knew that the filing period begins on August 3rd and ends at noon on August 10th. The following is a message from Wes Stille, Holiday Island’s Recorder-Treasurer:

I have copies of the packets for registering for the November election at the city office. The registration period is noon August 3 to noon August 10. Petition forms are included in the packets. They must be on legal size paper. Letter size petition forms will not be accepted. Ten signatures are required but the County Clerk suggests obtaining 30 signatures to assure an adequate number. Signatures on the petition must be as they appear on the person’s voter identification card. When picking up petition forms at the office please note that there are separate forms for Council candidates and non Council candidates. I was told at the Clerk’s office that since our Council members are voted on by all HI voters, that petitions for Council can be signed by any HI voter and not restricted to ward residents.

It's not too early to consider whether or not you want to be a part of moving the city forward. If you want a candidate package, contact the Recorder-Treasurer at 479 379 8042.

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