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Holiday Island Now "Primary" City for Zip 72631

Ever since we became incorporated as a city Ken Mills has been working with the Post Office and Congressman Womack’s office to get the “system” changed such that street addresses in Holiday Island would be recognized as Holiday Island addresses as opposed to Eureka Springs. I am sure that all of you have gotten mail with your street address but with Eureka Springs being the city. Or maybe you checked into a motel somewhere and when you gave them your address, they would respond that you were from Eureka Springs. Or maybe worst of all, you ordered something from Amazon and paid Eureka Springs sales tax. Well hopefully Ken has been successful in getting that changed.

A couple months ago the Postal Service told us that if we provided them with a list of every street address in Holiday Island, they would go into their system and make Holiday Island the “preferred last line” for those addresses instead of Eureka Springs. Since every lot in Holiday Island, whether developed or not, had a street number assigned several years ago for the 911 system, we were able to provide the list. On March 9th, the Postal Service notified us that they had the changes made in their system and that they would be sending the information out to the “major mailers” on April 15th.

Since there are potentially thousands of databases out there that probably need to be updated and since there is probably no automatic way to do a mass update, it will probably take some time for this update to be fully implemented. But this is certainly a great start and I hope that updating the “important” databases won’t take too long.

Thanks Ken.

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