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Highlights of HIHA Presentation July 8, 2021

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

If you missed the Holiday Island Hospitality Association meeting last Thursday, Linda Graves did a presentation on the City website and I provided a couple updates along with some highlights as to what the city will be working on for the rest of the year. If you are reading this message, you are already familiar with the website. We hope it is beneficial.

As far as updates, the most significant update would be our city revenue. Year to date June our General Fund revenue is $66,553 vs. a budget of $155,572. And our Street Fund revenue is $48,123 vs. a budget of $87,277. So, YTD revenue is less than we budgeted. However, I believe most people are aware that we didn’t start receiving funds until April due to factors outside of our control. The only source of revenue that we are still not receiving is our share of the county 3 mill property tax for roads. We are in discussion with the county as to when we will see those funds. If you annualize June revenue and add in the county property tax revenue, we can expect revenue for future 12-month periods to be over $550,000. More than projected at the time of incorporation.

On July 13th we held a workshop on setting up wards in Holiday Island for future City Council Member elections. Although this is not finalized yet, we will post the proposal on the website so everyone can see what direction we are heading. Now is the time for your input if you have comments or suggestions.

As far as the rest of the year goes, we have a full plate. Here are some highlights:


  • Follow up on County property tax for roads

    • Justin Eichmann sent letter week 7/12

  • Appoint City Council as interim Planning Commission & Board of Adjustment

  • Determine if the city will partner with Berryville Wireless to provide broadband in Holiday Island. If yes prepare grant request for engineering study.

  • Appoint members to Economic Development Task Force


  • Finalize ward map and boundary descriptions. Submit to the County.

  • Consider liquor by the drink ordinance

  • Workshop on Health and Sanitation ordinances

  • Draft ordinances for building codes and health and sanitation


  • Draft 2022 sheriff contract

  • Work session on the 2022 budget

  • City/HISID 2022 preliminary roads plan

  • Plan for District Court


  • Prepare a plan to transition defined responsibilities from the current planning commission to the city planning commission

  • Joint City/HISID budget review


  • Finalize 2022 budget

  • Pass building code/health & sanitation ordinances (City Council & Planning Commission)

  • Advertise for code enforcement officer/building inspector


  • Pass the 2022 budget

  • Finalize the sheriff contract

  • Hire Code Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector

  • Start planning commission transition

  • Set up District Court

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