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Business Licensing Made Simpler with New City Webpage

Updated: May 2

Earlier this month, March 15, we issued a City Notice advising that City Ordinance 2023-020 concerning Business Licenses had been adopted. Now it is time for action on the part of our business owners to acquire their licenses. If you have been wondering how to apply for a business license in Holiday Island, we can help. A new webpage has just been added to the City Website that will guide you through the process. This page is called Business Licensing and can be found on the City website under MORE on the main menu, On this page you can access the full text of the Business License Ordinance, download or print a copy of the application form, and see exactly what steps are needed to complete the process. This page will also show you the continually updated list of businesses who have already obtained their business license. CLICK HERE to see the new webpage.

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