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Business License NOTICE

In the February 20th meeting of the Holiday Island City Council, Ordinance 2023-020 was passed establishing the requirement for a business license in Holiday Island. A full reading of the ordinance can be found on the city website:

If you operate a business in Holiday Island or if you do business in Holiday Island, you may be required to obtain a license from the city. An application form can be downloaded from the city website. Existing businesses have until July 1st to obtain a license without penalty.

As stated in the ordinance:

Ark. Code. Ann. § 26-77-102 authorizes any city to require any person, firm, individual or corporation that shall engage in, carry on, or follow any trade, business, profession, vocation, or calling, within the corporate limits of the city to pay a license fee or tax.

Business licensing ensures that businesses operate legally and safely, provides for the protection of the public’s health, safety and welfare, and provides accountability for business operations in the city.

A business license registry allows for better communication between the city and businesses should the city need to communicate on a pending issue.

A business license registry assists the city in evaluating the economic health of the city and in determining the needs of and opportunities for the city.

Business Licensing in Holiday Island will increase the public trust and confidence in the city’s businesses.

The City Council has determined that business licenses are necessary for the reasons set forth above and, in order to anticipate the needs of emergency personnel, to protect the city sewer and water system from contamination, and to provide for more efficient fire protection.

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