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Bear Sightings

There has recently been a couple of bear sightings in Holiday Island. One sighting was on Twin Peaks and one was on Hawk Drive. I called Richard Bowen at Game and Fish, and he said that it is most likely a young male that has been chased away from its family which is nature’s way of preventing inbreeding. The breeding season for bears is in the summertime, so this young male is out looking for two things -- food, and a girlfriend. Not much different than young human males. If he finds neither, he will keep roaming and move out of our area. However, if he finds a readily available food supply, he will hang around and try to fatten up.

Richard’s best advice is to be sure your garbage cans are secure, preferably in the garage, do not leave dog or cat food outside, and do not feed the deer because a bear will eat apples and corn. Also, keep an eye on your bird feeders and hummingbird feeders. A bear will go after them as well.

If you do encounter the bear, you can try to run him off by banging pots and pans or blowing a foghorn if you have one. Please report any sightings to the city office (479-379-8040) so that we can keep Richard posted on activity. If the bear hangs around and becomes a nuisance or threat, Game and Fish will come and try to trap and relocate it.

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