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On 4-19-22, The City of Holiday Island passed Ordinance 2022-004 requiring that all residents and businesses that have water utilities provided by the Holiday Island Suburban Improvement District must contract for trash pick-up with the Carroll County Solid Waste District (CCSW). It is recommended that you read the ordinance which will be posted on the City website at CCSW by ordinance will be the only authorized trash collection service in Holiday Island.

While we all appreciate the service that other haulers have provided to Holiday Island in the past, in order for the City to meet its statutory obligation of assuring compliance with all State and Federal environmental regulations, it is necessary for the City to contract with CCSW since they are authorized by the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission pursuant to Arkansas Act §8-6-701 and the City does not have the resources to supervise the operations of several other haulers. In order to mitigate the growing problem of illegal dumping in Holiday Island, contracting for trash pick-up will be mandatory for every location having a water meter installed. This is a very common practice in all cities. Other benefits of this action include significantly reducing the wear and tear on the roads from truck traffic and having one day a week where trash will be street side for collection.

A rate schedule for a variety of service levels will be posted on the city website along with contact information for CCSW. There will be a transition period ending 9-1-2022 when all trash collection service must be with CCSW.

What do you have to do?

If you are a current CCSW customer, you don’t have to do anything unless you wish to change your level of service. CCSW will bill you at the new contract rate once it takes effect.

If you are not a current CCSW full time residential customer, call CCSW to get signed up. They will explain the different levels of service and rates and let you know when to expect them to start providing service. You will have to notify your current hauler of your transition date.

If you are a current CCSW business or commercial customer, again you don’t have to do anything. If not, you will also need to contact CCSW to get signed up.

If you are a seasonal resident where your residence is unoccupied for periods of time during the year, contact CCSW to see what program fits you best. They have options for seasonal residents.

If you are a “weekender” and you normally dispose of your own trash, that will no longer be allowed since the City cannot control how or where the trash is being dumped. The city will provide bag tags to be used on your trash bags and the city will provide a dumpster for bag tag customers (and bag tag customers only). Contact the City for information on bag tags.

If you are a business that streamlines trash from several locations as a property maintenance service (B&B’s, VRBO’s, vacation rentals, etc.), you will be required to provide the City with a list of addresses that you maintain and you will have to coordinate with CCSW as to your collection container and location. CCSW has several options relative to dumpster size. Be aware however, of the requirements in the Ordinance relative to dumpster location and maintenance. I expect that for a small business, getting set up to do this will take time. The City will work with you on making the transition.

If you choose to ignore this requirement, be aware of the fines and penalties included in the ordinance.

I expect that for some of you this requirement is going to seem like an unnecessary burden and restriction on the residents of Holiday Island. But as some residents are keenly aware, we have a rapidly growing problem with illegal dumping in Holiday Island. For those of you that live next door to a pile of trash bags or worse, we intend for this to eventually address the problem. We need to move forward in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of our residents and the values of our properties.


Dan Kees

Mayor Holiday Island

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