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Changes in Code Enforcement

For personal reasons, Aaron Hoyt has had to resign as the city’s Code Enforcement Officer. I want to thank Aaron for basically “setting up” the process for us. When it came to getting into the business of code enforcement, we were all rookies in that we had to learn how to issue notifications, how to issue citations and work with a prosecuting attorney and the District Court, as well as developing forms, implementing software and computer systems and populating data bases. Working part time doing this while maintaining a full time “day job” was a lot to ask of anyone and Aaron did a great job. People notice the problems that need to be addressed but aren’t necessarily aware of the problems that have been fixed. That is certainly the case with Aaron and he deserves a lot of credit for what he accomplished for the city.

I am pleased to announce that James “Rusty” Rusterholz will be taking over as our Code Enforcement Officer. Many of you probably remember Rusty from his time serving as the Deputy for Holiday Island. Currently, Rusty is retired from law enforcement and is a real estate agent here in Holiday Island. Given Rusty’s extensive background in law enforcement and his familiarity with Holiday Island, we are very fortunate to have him in the position. Aaron will be transitioning all activities including active cases over to Rusty immediately. We should have his phone and email operational by mid-week.

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