Our Services

What We Provide vs. What HISID Provides

Responsibility for essential services and recreational amenities are divided between and in some cases shared by the City of Holiday Island (City) and the Holiday Island Suburban Improvement District (HISID). The following will provide information as to how these services are provided and who to contact.

Water (HISID)

Every plotted lot in Holiday Island, whether improved with a dwelling or not, has sewer and water already in place and ready to hook into. As a result, Holiday Island has over 70 miles of water line supplied by four wells and five water storage tanks or towers. Due to the mountainous terrain, the system has 35 pressure regulating valves that prevent over pressure in the low-lying areas while allowing the storage tanks to be filled. The system is equipped with a state-of-the-art system that monitors water levels in the tanks and cycles the pumps at the wells to assure adequate fill levels. The system can be monitored remotely on employee cell phones. HISID owns and operates the water department. Water quality reports are posted on the HISID website (see link at the bottom of this page).


Sanitary Sewer (HISID)

Holiday Island has over 70 miles of sewer lines which due to the terrain requires 27 pumping stations to move the discharge to the treatment plant. HISID owns and operates the sewer system. A new sewage treatment plant, built 2009, assures the District is in full compliance with all environmental regulations.


Garbage (City)

By law, the city is responsible for assuring a system for solid waste management and compliance with all environmental regulations relative to disposal. But the city is not required to operate that service. Currently garbage collection and recycling service is provided by private companies. At this time there are four options available to residents.


Code Enforcement (City)

At the time of this writing the city is in the process of establishing a municipal code that like in other cities regulates things like building codes, land use, animal control and traffic. Holiday Island is divided up into subdivisions called “Units”. Each unit has a Declaration of Reservations; a legal agreement between the property owners in that unit that controls things such as building type, easements and setbacks, prohibited activities and other restrictions. The Declaration of Reservations, sometimes called Covenants, provides for a “Committee of Architecture”, now called the Planning Commission, that oversees construction and is generally responsible for enforcing the covenants. Over time this responsibility will transition to the city.

Code Enforcement.JPG

Streets and Roads (Shared)

As with sewer and water, Holiday Island has 74 miles of roads spread out through 7.6 square miles of land area. All but four miles of these roads are paved with either asphalt or chip and seal. With a population of 2260 full time residents, Holiday Island’s population density of 297 residents per square mile is about 20% of what a typical city like Fayetteville would have. The low population density is seen by our residents as a big plus. However, it comes with a disproportionately high maintenance cost per resident. In order to cover this cost, the city, through an annual contract with HISID, provides funding to the District that the city receives from the State Municipal Aid fund, highway revenue distribution, and county sales and property taxes for roads. HISID in turn operates the road department and also provides funding as required. In this way the city meets its statutory requirement for making sure the streets are maintained and the District protects the interests of the property owners and a significant District asset.

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Fire Department (Shared)

The law requires a city to assure fire protection but it allows for a city of the 2nd class to enter into an interlocal agreement with an existing fire department to provide that service. As such, the city and HISID have an interlocal agreement where the city provides partial funding and HISID continues to own and operate the fire department. This allows for adequate funding of the fire department without the need to add local property taxes which would be necessary for the city to take over full operation.


EMS - Emergency Response (HISID)

Emergency response, provided in conjunction with the fire department, is a service provided by HISID and funded by a security fee which is part of the water bill.


Police Protection (City)

Operating a police department in cities the size of Holiday Island typically consumes more than a third of the entire annual operating revenue received from property and sales taxes. Consequently, some smaller communities work with the local sheriff department to provide patrolling. In this way the cities can get adequate police protection and traffic law enforcement without duplicating the overhead costs. As a result, the community also has access to additional resources when required and the sheriff can draw on resources provided by the city if needed. Starting in 2022, the city will contract with the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department. The number of patrolling officers and the cost per officer will be negotiated in 2021 and will be dependent in large part on anticipated funding.


Recreation Amenities (HISID)

The District owns and operates all the recreational amenities.

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For more information about the services the City of Holiday Island provides, feel free to contact us today.  For information or questions regarding HISID services, please refer to the HISID website via the link below, or call the HISID office at 479-253-9700.