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2022 To Bring New City Responsibilities & Positions of Building Inspector & Code Enforcement Officer

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

The first year of Holiday Island as a city is coming to a close. In January I will present a “State of the City” report at the city council meeting. Until that time I would like to follow up on the announcement recently made about the city assuming responsibility for issuing building permits as well as planning and zoning. I encourage everyone to read this important announcement on the city website.

As a result of the transition, the city is looking to fill the positions of Building Inspector and Code Enforcement Officer. The Building Inspector will be responsible for receiving and reviewing all applications for building permits, issuing the permits and following up with periodic inspections of the permitted work. This will require a certain degree of knowledge and work experience in the building trades including electrical, plumbing and due to the terrain in Holiday Island, footings and foundation work. The candidate will have to be willing and capable of becoming licensed as a building inspector. This would be a perfect job for a retired contractor or licensed electrician.

The Code Enforcement Officer will be responsible for enforcing the city health, sanitation and welfare ordinances as well as certain sections of the zoning regulations. Note that this is not the same as enforcing the “covenants” that are contractual agreements between the property owners and not city ordinances. Candidates for this position must be knowledgeable of the applicable municipal codes (once passed) and be able to work cooperatively with the public, many times in difficult situations, to resolve violations of the codes.

Both of these positions are anticipated to be part-time positions with a certain degree of flexibility relative to work hours. The city will consider combining the two positions into one full-time position as has been done by several area small cities.

If you are interested in either or both of these positions, please send your contact information to I will contact you for an interview and/or to provide additional information. Note you do not have to be a Holiday Island resident to hold either of these positions.

And since the current year is soon coming to an end, I would like to extend a very Happy New Year to everyone. I wish the best for you and our city in 2022.

Dan Kees

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